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Furbaby Family Pet Care
Pet Sitting

and Private In Home Boarding Services

We offer pet sitting in your home that accommodates all of your furbabies while you are on vacation, travelling for work, or simply need extra care for your pets when you are gone long hours during the day.

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Private In Home Dog Boarding

Does your dog need a vacation too? FurBaby Family realizes that some dogs prefer to socialize and play and be part of a family routine while their owners are away. We are pleased to offer family style boarding in our home. When your dog stays with us, they can enjoy fun, relaxation, and plenty of TLC 24/7. They can choose to run and play with the other dogs or just relax on the couch with one of our loving family members. The dogs that stay with us look forward to their vacation. We keep them on their schedule with feeding, walks and playtime. If they prefer to sleep in a crate, we set it up where they feel comfortable. Does your dog prefer a dog bed? You can bring theirs from home or they can use one of many tucked around our house. Does your dog only sleep in a bed with their human? We have plenty of family members willing to snuggle up and share their bed. We provide the care and pampering while your dog enjoys access to all our family facilities.

All dogs must be current on their vaccinations and provide proof before boarding with us. We also require a meet and greet at our house. We’ll schedule a time for you and your dog to visit our family. This ensures that it is the right fit for your dog and gives you a chance to tell us all about his likes and dislikes. We only have a limited number of dogs stay with us at one time for a more comfortable and personalized experience for everyone, so this option fills up fast! Book as far in advance as possible.

Overnight boarding

  • Dogs under 60 lbs $30/night
  • Each additional dog under 60 lbs $15/night
  • Dogs over 60 lbs $35/night
  • Each additional dog over 60 lbs $20/night
  • Daycare only option $25/day
  • Do you need a place for your dog to stay just for the day while you run errands?
  • Do you have an all day outing with the family?
  • Are you having work done at home or getting the carpets cleaned? Your dog can stay with us!
  • Small caged pet boarding $15/night
  • Do you already have a dog or two boarding with us, but also have hamsters, guinea pigs, or other small animals needing boarding? They can stay with us too!
  • Do you have a couple of guinea pigs that like lots of love and attention each day?
  • We provide their feeding, cage cleaning, and supervised out of cage exercise time according to your specifications right here in our home. (don’t worry, dogs stay completely separate from small animals)
  • Drop off/Pick up service $25 each way
  • Running short on time? Flight delayed? We can help!
  • We offer drop off and pick up service for our boarders
  • Safe transportation to and from our house for your dogs and all their things