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Furbaby Family Pet Care
Pet Sitting

and Private In Home Boarding Services

We offer pet sitting in your home that accommodates all of your furbabies while you are on vacation, travelling for work, or simply need extra care for your pets when you are gone long hours during the day.

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Pet Sitting Services

At FurBaby Family, we understand how much caring pet owners do for their pets. You can’t always take your pet with you on trips or to the workplace, but we can keep your pets together in their own safe and comfortable home.

There are many advantages for your pets!

  • Reduced Stress: your pets stay where they feel most comfortable and secure- at home, with familiar sights, sounds, smells and routines. Your pets can relax and follow their regular schedule.
  • No “travel trauma”
  • Personal attention: your pets will be pampered and enjoy plenty of TLC, including games, walks, and cuddle time

We will care for your furbaby family according to your specifications. While you are away we will:

  • Feed and water all your pets
  • Give them appropriate exercise and playtime
  • Scoop litterboxes
  • Clean cages
  • Administer medications as needed
  • Seek medical attention if necessary
  • Give them all plenty of TLC!

And while we are taking care of your pets, we are happy to water plants and make sure your home looks lived in by bringing in the mail and the newspapers and altering lights and blinds. It gives an added piece of security for your home while you are away.

  • 30 minute visits $20
  • Includes all of the above care and more for your smaller furbaby family. (typically 3 pets or less)
  • Schedule one of our sitters for as many visits that you need each day, depending on how many and what type of pets you have, and how long you will be away
  • Cats may only need one visit per day. However, dogs typically need two to three visits per day
  • 60 minute visits $35
  • Includes all of the above care and more for your larger furbaby family. (typically more than 3 pets)
  • Or choose this option if you just want your pets to have a little extra pampering!
  • Midday walks & playtime $20

Our midday visit is customized according to your pet’s needs. These are typically scheduled Monday through Friday between 11am and 2pm. Includes a potty break, walk if requested, playtime, refreshing water, feeding if needed, and lots of TLC.

  • New puppies that need socialization and an extra potty break during the day
  • Senior dogs that need a little extra care and TLC while you are out
  • Active dogs that need a midday walk or playtime to get them through the day

Schedule midday walks/playtime 5 days a week and enjoy 10% off per week.

All families and pets are different. Give us a call so we can customize a visit that suits the needs of your unique pet family.